MDTTC Players Recent Successes

At the 2019 U.S. Nationals

Over 40 Hardbat Men’s Singles, Gold – Larry Hodges
Over 50 Men’s Doubles Silver – Julian Waters and Steve Hochman
Over 60 Men’s Doubles Silver – Julian Waters and Dan Seemiller
U4200 Doubles, Bronze – Jackson Beaver and William Huang
Minicadet Boys Teams, Bronze – Stanley Hsu, Mu Du, and Ryan Lee
Minicadet Boys Doubles, Bronze – Stanley Hsu and Mu Du
Hopes Boys’ Singles Bronze – Stanley Hsu
Hopes Boys’ Singles Quarterfinalist – Mu Du
Under 10 Boys’ Singles Quarterfinalist – Ryan Lin, Winston Wu
Under 21 Mens’ Singles Quarterfinalist – Roy Ke

At the 2018 U.S. Open

Stanley Hsu: Boys Age 10 & Under Singles and Doubles Gold

Mu Du: Boys Age 10 & Under Bronze and Doubles Gold

At the 2018 U.S. Nationals: 

Stanley Hsu: Boys Age 10 & under, Gold
Crystal Wang: Girls Age 21 & under, Silver
Andy Wu: Boys Age 10 & under, Bronze
Mu Du: Boys Age 10 & under, Bronze
Crystal Wang: Women’s singles, Bronze
Nicole Deng: Girls Hopes, Bronze
Tiffany Ke: Girls Junior, Quarter-finalist
Roy Ke : Boys Age 21 & under, Quarter-finalist
Nicole Deng: Girls Mini-cadet, Quarter-finalist
Stanley Hsu: U-2000 rating, Quarter-finalist
Click here for all the 2018 Nationals draws & results

Doubles Pairs Crowned at the 2018 World Veterans
Joanna Kubler-Kielb (USA) for a Bronze Medal

Nicole Deng, 2018 ITTF- North America Hopes Challenge, Bronze Medal
Tiffany Ke: 2017, 2018 U.S. National Team 
Crystal Wang: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 U.S. National Team
Nathan Hsu: U.S. Team, 2017 Summer Universiade (World University Games)
Nicole Deng 2018 U.S. Hopes Team
Nicole Deng & Alex Yang: 2017 U.S. Hopes Team


Charlene Liu, Over 60 Women’s Singles & Over 65 Women’s Singles
Larry Hodges, Over 40 Hardbat Singles
Nathan Hsu & Jackson Beaver, Under 4200 Doubles
Nathan Hsu (with Yahao Zhang, TX), Adult Team Top Division
Roy Ke, Under 2400 Singles
Yvonne Kronlage, Over 80 Women’s Singles

George Li, Under 2200 Singles
Jack Jacobs, Over 80 Singles

Charlene Liu, Over 50 Women’s Singles
Charlene Liu and Changping Duan, Over 60 Mixed Doubles
Julian Waters and Changping Duan, Over 60 Men’s Doubles
Julian Waters and Yvonne Kronlage, Over 50 Mixed Doubles


Front: Nathan Hsu, Sameer Shaikh, Amy Lu, Roy Ke.
Middle: Darwin Ma, William Huang, Jessica Lin.
Back: Ryan Lee, Stanley Hsu, Daniel Sofer, Kurtus Hsu, Hanfei Hu, Lisa Lin.

Jack Huang, Cheng Yinghua, and Larry Hodges. 

MDTTC players Derek Nie & Klaus Wood selected to the 2016 U.S. National Boys Cadet Team, and Lisa Lin selected to the 2016 U.S. National Girls Mini-Cadet Team.

Defeating Team JOOLA in Finals in Houston
Team MDTTC: Wu Chia-Chun, Nathan Hsu, Qingliang Wang; Team JOOLA: Zhou Haoyun, Li Kewei, Jim Butler

Congrats to Coach Bowen Chen & Qingliang Wang for finishing 1st & 2nd at the Butterfly MDTTC April Open Touranment held this past Saturday! Record Turnout over 80!

Tiffany Ke, age 11, won the Bronze medal at the ITTF North America Hopes Challenge in Toronto on April 10th Lisa Lin. age 11. also represented Team USA at this tournament, finished 4th.

2015 U.S. Nationals
Derek Nie: 2016 U.S. Cadet Boys (age 15 & under) Team Member, #2
Ryan Dabbs: 2016 U.S. Mini-Cadet Boys (age 13 & under) Team Member, #2
Nathan Hsu: Quarter Finals of Men’s under age 21
Roy Ke: U-2400 RR, 2nd place
Klaus Wood: U-2300 RR, 2nd place
Maryland Players Win 23 Medals at 2015 U.S. Open Table Tennis Championships
Crystal Wang and her teammates Lily Zhang, Prachi Jha, and Angela Guan won the Bronze Medal for Team USA at the 2014 World Junior Championships in Shanghai!

2015 Butterfly Potomac Fall Open
In the finals, Coach Bowen Chen edged out Coach Jeffrey Zeng in 7 games.

2015 Butterfly MDTTC October Open
Coach Bowen Chen (1st) and Coach Qingliang Wang (2nd)
Congrats Coach Bowen Chen, winner of the Butterfly MDTTC June open!

Han Xiao, who began training at MDTTC since age 6, again reached the Semi-Finals in the Men’s Open Singles at the 2014 U.S. Nationals!

By beating 2600 and 2700 rated players and U.S. National Champion Michael Landers, Ruichao Chenwon the 4-star 2014 Westchester December Open.  世界日报 : 陳瑞超 「乒」得四星賽男單冠軍

2014 ITTF North American Championships: Crystal Wang, The Junior Girls champion

2014 U.S. Open
Maryland Table Tennis Center Pulls off Sweeps at the U.S. Open
MDTTC Juniors Shine at the U.S. Open: 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 8 Bronze 

2014 U.S. Women’s National World Team
Crystal Wang, at age 12, the youngest in the history to earn a spot on either the Men’s or Women’s National Teams June 25, 2014: defeated #1 seed Lily Zhang at the 2014 North American Cup to reach the Finals  (中文信息: 桥报)

17th World Veterans Championships 2014
Charlene Xiaoying Lin, winner of a Bronze Medal  

2013 U.S. Nationals
Crystal Wang, Women 21 & under Champion & Women’s Quarterfinalist; 2014 U.S. Cadet & MiniCadet Team member
MDTTC Junior Girls’ Team (Crystal Wang with Diana Jiang, CA) Champions
Charlene Liu, Women’s 60+ Champion; Women’s 50+ Semifinalist
David Sakai, Men’s 65+ Champion; Men’s 60+ Quarterfinalist
Xiao Han, Men’s Quarterfinalist; Mixed Doubles (with Prachi Jha, CA) Quarterfinalist
Nathan Hsu & Crystal Wang, Mixed Doubles Quarterfinalist
Nathan Hsu (with Yahao Zhang, TX), Men’s Doubles Quarterfinalist
MDTTC Junior Boys’ Team (Nathan Hsu and Derek Nie) Quarterfinalists
Ryan Dabbs, Boys’ 10 & under Quarterfinalist
Tiffany Ke, Girls’ 10 & under Quaterfinalist

Girls U10 Single  – Lisa Lin
Girls U10 Doubles – Lisa Lin & Jessica Lin
Girls U10 Team  – Lisa Lin, Jessica Lin & Helen Yao
Boys U12 Single – Adam Yao
Girls U 16 Doubles – Shirley Hu & Kaylee Zou
Boys  U 18 Doubles – Bowen Chen & Nathan Hsu
Division J – Jessica Lin;  Division I – Sameer Shaikh

Girls U10 Single – Jessica Lin
Boys U16 Single – Bowen Chen
Girls U18 Single  – Lilly Lin
Boys U 18 Team -Leon Bi, Bowen Chen & Nathan Hsu
Division H – Lisa Lin

Girls U12 Single  – Helen Yao
Girls U14 Single – Amy Lu
Girls U18 Doubles – Lilly Lin & Amy Lu
Boys U16 Team  – Jason Wei & Adam Yao
Girls U18 Team  – Amy Lu, Kaylee Zou & Lilly Lin

2013 US OPEN
Over 60 Women – Charlene Liu
Over 60 Mixed Doubles – Changping Duan & Charlene Liu
Over 50 Hardbat Doubles- Larry Hodges ( and Jay Turberville, AZ)

Over 50 Women – Charlene Liu
Over 60 Mens’ Doubles – Hossein Sharifi & Changping Duan 

Amy Lu, 11 -Gold in Under 12 Girls’ Singles and   Under 16 Girls’ Doubles and Teams
Lilly Lin, 15 – Bronze in Under 16 Girls’ Singles, Gold in Under 16 Girls’ Doubles and Teams
Lisa Lin, 8 – Bronze in Under 10 Girls’ Singles,   Silver in Under 10 Girls’ Doubles, and Gold in Under 16 Girls’ Teams

John Hsu, 18 – Silver in Under 22 Men’s Singles,  Doubles, and Teams
Nathan Hsu, 16  – Bronze in Under 18 Boys’ Singles, Silver in Under 22 Men’s Doubles and Teams, Runner-up in Division A, and Southern Open Doubles Champion
Jackson Liang, 17 – Silver in Under 18 Boys’ Doubles and Under 22 Men’s Teams
George Nie, 16  – Silver in Under 18 Boys’ Doubles and Under 22 Men’s Teams
Kyle Wang, 13 – Bronze in Under 14 Boys’ Teams
Wesley Duan, 12 – Bronze in Under 14 Boys’ Teams

2012 US OPEN
Wang Qing Liang- Semifinalist, Men’s Singles (defeating Adam Hughs and 2012 Olympians: Timothy Wang & Pierre-Luc Hinse) ; Semifinalist, Under Age 21; Finalist, Under Age 18
Charlene Liu – Champion, Over 50 Women & Over 60 Women; Finalist, Over 40 Women; Champion, Over 50 Women & Over 60 Women; Finalist, Over 40 Women
Larry Hodges – Champion, Hardbat Doubles(for the 13th time) with Ty Hoff
Lilly Lin- Champion, Women under 2100 rating event 
Derek Nie- Champion, Age 11 & Under Boys Singles
Amy Lu- Finalist, Cadet Girls Singles
Chen Bo Wen – Finalist, Cadet Boys Singles

Crystal Wang – Champion, Cadet Girls Doubles with Isabel Chu ;Quarterfinals, Cadet Girls Singles
Tong Tong Gong- Cadet Boys Doubles, Finalist;  Quarterfinals of Cadet Boys Singles
Nathan Hsu – Junior Boys Team Quarterfinals, with Ethan Jin


Han Xiao – 1st, Open Mens Doubles (w/Timothy Wang 1st, Mixed Doubles (w/ Lily Zhang)
Charlene Liu – 1st, Women’s Singles Over 50; 1st, Women’s Singles Over 60
Derek Nie – selected to the U.S. Mini Cadet Team
Crystal Wang – selected to the U.S. Mini Cadet Team

MDTTC Team: Qingliang Wang, Bowen Chen & Nathan Hsu – Club Championships
MDTTC Team: Nathan Hsu & Tong Tong Gong – 3rd, Boys’ Junior Teams

Changping Duan & Hossein Sharifi – 3rd, Over 60 Doubles
Adam Yao – Quarterfinals, Boys 10 & under

Nathan Hsu – Joel Ferrell Outstanding Performance Memorial Award; Divisions A & B National            Champion; Under Age 16 Boys Singles, Gold; Under Age 18 Team, Gold;  Under Age 18            Doubles, Silver 
John Hsu – Under Age 18 Boys Singles & Team, Gold; Under Age 18 Boys Doubles, Silver 
Nina Zhen – Under Age 18 Girls Singles, Gold
Lilly Lin  – Under Age 16 Girls Singles, Gold 

MDTTC Club Team Finalist – Inter Club League 
Peter Li – Men’s Singles Champion
Han Xiao – Men’s Doubles Champion (with Timothy Wang); Men’s Singles Finalist Gong, Tong Tong Cadet Boys’ Team Wang,
Crystal Wang – Cadet Girls Team member; Girls’ 10 and Under Singles Finalist
Tong Tong Gong – Cadet Boys Team member
Xiaoying Liu (Charlene) – Women’s Over 50 Singles Champion
Larry Hodges – Hard Bat Doubles Champion
Derek Nie – Boys’ 10 and Under Singles Finalist
Timmy La – Standing Disabled Finalist